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For over a decade, I have dreamt of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. Paired with this dream is my passion to give back to support her beauty and local communities.  Plant With Purpose is an organization that provides sustainable agriculture training. They have partnered with farmers in Tanzania and are doubling their crop production through bio-intensive gardens, plus they are restoring land around Mt. Kilimanjaro by planting more than a million trees a year.

ART WITH PURPOSE was an evening of celebrating art while raising awareness and support for Plant With Purpose.  I have created a mural of 222 individual original paintings where half of the proceeds will benefit Plant With Purpose and give you an opportunity to be a part of something greater than yourself.  

161 paintings were sold and we are just getting started!  There are still 61 original works available for purchase.  Each 5" x 5" painting is made with acrylic and resin on wood. Please see below for the remaining available works.

If the walls in your home and office are all full, these paintings make wonderful holiday and birthday gifts.

The show was a great success.  Together, we donated $8,000 for Plant With Purpose which means there will be another 8,000 trees that will breath oxygen into our atmosphere and help cool down our planet.  A huge thank you to everyone who participated in supporting the arts and being a part of giving back!

​Make sure to follow @cameroncohenart on Instagram to see what is coming up next! 

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