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DECEMBER 4, 2022


This year, ART WITH PURPOSE is a group art show with a twist.

Click on the photos below to see them larger. 

Cameron Cohen, Mark Rebennack, and Ali Enache are the featured artists. You will have the opportunity to meet the artists and hear the stories behind their art. Each artist's work provokes thought and emotion in the viewer while they bring their unique flavor to the experience.

Cameron Cohen is an American artist living in Los Angeles, California. She leads a conversation about energy through her use of acrylic paint and resin. Cohen takes something you cannot normally see with your eyes and realizes it in her complex paintings.


Mark Rebennack is an American abstract artist based in Long Beach, California. His current Exhale series focuses on minimalist line work based on his breath. Each line, one breath.

Ali Enache is an American abstract painter based in Los Angeles. Ali’s paintings utilize her experience in design to create her organic stain paintings. Her use of flowing acrylic paint mixed with water on raw canvas evokes a sense of serenity and calm.


Purchasing art that will live in your space is enhanced when you have an emotional connection to the piece. On the night of the show, Nayeli Knudsen, a Los Angeles-based poet from the Melrose Poetry Bureau, will be our resident poet. As each artwork is sold, the collector will sit with Nayeli to discuss their connection to the art. Within 3-5 minutes, Nayeli will write a poem on her old school typewriter that connects the collector to their new artwork. There will be a poetry reading around 6 pm from a selection of sold pieces.

Every ART WITH PURPOSE event has a give-back component to it. We are supporting the incredible organization, UScension. Their mission is to solve the Veterans' Housing Crisis by providing safe, sustainable living options with ongoing support, founded on community, and built for long-term success. A portion of the proceeds from all art sales will be going to help our Veterans. 

Special thanks to our sponsor GG Coastal Living, a family-run real estate brokerage with over 40 years of experience. They help their clients navigate all aspects of real estate transactions with experience and integrity.

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