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I paint to evoke emotion and arouse the subconscious mind in others. I believe in magic and that everything in our world gives, holds and receives an invisible energy. Our energies bounce off each other like dancing points of light.  I try to catch the magic that is constantly flowing through and around us.  There is so much planning and preparation with my work but when I release myself and am in my element, it is as if the painting is just happening, revealing itself to me.  It is magical and my work attempts to capture these moments. 


My Silhouette Portraits and Lovers series started with my curiosity of what the energies inside and outside of our bodies look like.  In my portrait paintings, I am playing solid against fluid and highlighting the energy shared or transferred between lovers or parents and children.  Through my abstract paintings, I create a dialogue about that energy using an acrylic pour technique. I love the push and pull between rough and smooth, light and dark, and the vibration held in the spaces between.  I am trying to show the unseen and peel back the layers. My hope is for the viewer to see a reflection of their soul in my work.

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