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36 x 48 x 1.9 inch (h x w x d)



  • I have always been an emotional being (one hundred percent empathic) and was constantly being told to stop crying, that I was too emotional or that I was being too loud.  I have been working on opening my throat chakra, which represents the ability to speak and communicate clearly and effectively, so I can fully express myself.  The day before pouring the paint for this painting, I had a very powerful vocal activation coaching session.  When the paint was dry and the subject was ready to be revealed, I noticed that bright electric green bolt of paint created an activation of the throat chakra that traveled back to the cerebellum of the brain, which helps the body maintain equilibrium and balance.  You will also notice at the very top of the head that the crown chakra, which represents states of higher consciousness and divine connection, is wide open.  I was mesmerized and pleasantly surprised at these observations.  Your Truth seemed the only appropriate title for this painting. 

    After showing my best friend the piece and telling her the title, she immediately shared with me what she saw and how it made her feel.  I knew it had to be hers.  I am so proud to have Your Truth hanging in her home in Alaska. 

    "It’s a gift to have 'Your Truth' in my home. It reminds me of fluidity, my voice, blockages, song, clearing, love, the magic of life, and of spirits having a human experience. Even after a year, I still see different nuances in it all the time and I regularly get compliments and questions from visitors."

    -L. Lubin

    Valdez, AK